PCB Protection
DOWSIL™ 1-2577 Low VOC Conformal Coating
• One-part, medium-viscosity
• Room-temperature cure
• Cures to a resilient, abrasion-resistant surface
• UV indicator
• Protective coating for rigid and flexible circuit boards, electronic printed wiring boards (PWB), sensitive components and fine pitched designs

DOWSIL™ 3-1953 Conformal Coating
• One-part, medium-viscosity, translucent
• Fast, moisture RTV cure
• Soft, stress-relieving
• UV indicator
• UL, IPC and Mil Spec approved x


Grounding and EMI shielding
DOWSIL™ EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive
• One-part, RTV
• Designed for EMC
• Flexible joint design enabled by > 150% elongation
• High elongation and stable conductivity
• EMI shielding adhesive with reliable performance

DOWSIL™ EC-8634 Electrically Conductive Adhesive
• Electrically conductive adhesive
• Electrically conductive material for grounding and EMI shielding x


Module sealing/assembly
DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive
• Two-part, fast cure at room temperature
• Durable adhesion to typical substrates
• Controlled silicone volatility
• High temperature stability
• 600% elongation, suitable for larger modules
• Cost-effective fast assembly solution for battery packs and ADAS sensor modules, including radar, LiDAR and cameras

DOWSIL™ SE 9168 RTV Adhesive
• One-part, RTV moisture cure, non-flowing
• Fast tack-free time
• Controlled silicone volatility
• Good flame resistance, UL 94 V-0 Flammability rating
• For parts fixing on circuit boards and in modules and for vibration damping of fixed components


Heat dissipation
DOWSIL™ TC-4525 CV Thermally Conductive Gap Filler
• Two-part, room-temperature cure
• Soft, compressible material
• Controlled silicone volatility
• Thermal conductivity of >2.5 W/mK
• Dissipates heat from electronics mounted on PCB to heat sink like engine or transmission control units

DOWSIL™ TC-4040 Dispensable Thermal Pad
• Two-part, liquid, curable thermal gel
• Dispensed or printed
• Room-temperature cure
• Thermal conductivity of 4 W/mK
• UL 94 V-0 listing
• For gap filling, heat dissipating, stress relieving and shock damping x


Connector potting
DOWSIL™ EE-1100 Black Encapsulant
• Two-part, highly flexible
• RTV or heat cure
• No exotherm during cure
• No solvents or cure byproducts
• Good dielectric properties
• Repairable
• Used on connectors, power supplies, sensors, industrial controls, transformers, amplifiers, high-voltage resistor packs and solar cells

DOWSIL™ EE-3200 Low Stress Silicone Encapsulant
• Two-part, fast cure
• Low viscosity
• Very low hardness
• Electrically insulative
• Excellent flame resistance
• Improves safety and reliability under harsh outdoor environments

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