Heat transfer
DOWSIL™ TC-3045/3065 Thermal Gel | DOWSIL™ TC-3065 Thermal Gel
• One-part
• Thermal conductivity of 4.5-6.5 W/mk
• High extrusion rate: 75g/min (TC-3045), 60g/min TC-3065)
• No oil bleeding after curing and ultra-low volatile content
• Stress relieving, shock damping


EMI Shielding
DOWSIL™ EC-84X3 Electrically Conductive Adhesive
• Extremely controlled volatiles
• Excellent EMI shielding performance
• Excellent adhesion property
• Low density x

Telecom Infrastructure | Optical transceiver
We have products to help with the thermal management, assembly and shielding of your fiber optics.
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Telecom Infrastructure
Opt. transceiver