1. Chip heat dissipation

DOWSIL™ TC-3015 Reworkable Thermal Gel

  • Transfer heat from chip to middle frame
  • Reworkable, removed without residue
  • Room-temperature cure, with optional heat acceleration
  • One-part soft thermal gel – stress relieving, shock damping
  • Printable or dispensable, replacing fabricated pads

Winner of Business Intelligence Group (BIG) sustainability and innovation awards

2. Display waterproofing

DOWSIL™ SE 9160 Adhesive

FIPG (form-in-place gasket)

  • Gap filling between:
    - Display module and cover glass
    - OLED display edge and frame
  • One-part, dual curing:
    - Instant UV curing for productivity
    - Secondary moisture cure for shadow area
  • Good sealing against water/contaminants
  • Provides IP68 waterproofing
  • Repairable

R&D 100 award-winning adhesive

3. Light shielding

DOWSIL™ EA-1600 Sealant

  • Excellent optical density (>3.0) at ultra-thin thickness (0.1 mm)
  • Balanced viscosity

Light shielding for OLED display

4. Light guide

SILASTIC™ MS-1003 Moldable Optical Silicone
  • Durometer 51 shore A
  • High luminous transmittance
  • Low haze and scatter
Better heat and intrinsic UV resistance than optical-grade plastics

5. Thermal adhesive


  • Room-temperature cure
  • Fast tack-free (< 10 min)
  • 0.88 W/mK
Thermal adhesive for smartphone charger

6. Charging connector potting

DOWSIL™ Q3-6611 Adhesive
DOWSIL™ 3-6876 Adhesive
  • Excellent waterproof performance
  • Good primerless adhesion with connector
  • One-part, flowable, heat cure
  • High tensile strength
  • Passes 260°C reflow challenge
Fills the charging connector for waterproofing

7. Accessory waterproofing

DOWSIL™ EA-4600 LV HM RTV Translucent

Hot-melt silicone adhesive
  • Excellent bonding strength on silicone gasket
  • Instant green strength
  • Re-workable/easy removal after process
Smartphone accessory polycarbonate cover and silicone rubber gasket bonding for waterproofing

8. Display bonding

DOWSIL™ VE-6001 UV_T Optical Bonding Material

Optically clear resin
  • Optical bonding for display cover glass/plastic and touch panel to LCD/OLED display module
  • One-part, transparent, UV curable
  • High refractive index (1.53)
  • High transmittance (>99%)
  • Enhanced UV stability
  • Cures to an extremely soft, cushioning, resilient material
  • No yellowing in reliability testing
  • Very low volume shrinkage (<1%)
  • Improved deep-section cure
  • Solventless
  • Flowable and self-leveling
Excellent adhesion, reliability and processability for display devices

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