1. TIM 2

DOWSIL™ TC-5888 Thermally Conductive Compound

  • Solvent-free formulation
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • High thermal conductivity - up to 5.2 W/mK
  • Achieves thin bond line thickness - 0.02 mm at low pressure
  • Good processability, offering low volatile content vs. competitive thermal compounds, allowing for more consistent rheology, application repeatability, and easier screen printing overall
High-end TIM 2 thermal grease

2. TIM 1.5

DOWSIL™ TC-5550 Thermal Conductive Compound

  • Easily prints on heat sink
  • Solvent-free formulation
  • High thermal conductivity up to 5.2 W/mK
  • Excellent anti-pump-out performance after thermal cycling
  • Fit for lidless die design
TIM 1.5 thermal grease for lidless design

3. Chipset

DOWSIL™ TC-3015 Re-workable Thermal Gel
DOWSIL™ TC-3035 Reworkable Thermal Gel
DOWSIL™ TC-3065 Thermal Gel

Used for both heat dissipation and gap filling

  • High thermal conductivity (available from 2 to 11 W/mK)
  • No oil bleeding after full cure
  • Excellent anti-slumping/cracking
  • No silicone oil contamination
Effectively dissipates heat from ethernet switch chipset
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